CRESTVIEW — The Crestview High School annual art show took place on Thursday with an wide variety of work from students.

The pieces that go into the show were selected by art teacher Lori Phillips.

“They have to meet certain criteria,” Phillips said. “Neatness is a big factor for me and if they used the elements and principles of design.”

There are a variety of categories the art can be entered into, including surrealism, watercolor, oil pastel and scratchboard.

The categories fall under either two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

There were four awards for each category: first, second and third place and honorable mention. The awards were judged by teachers with an art background or who are artistic in nature. This year, a substitute teacher studying art history was also part of decision process.

Some of the students said they really enjoy creating things for the show, but the process can be difficult.

“I feel like a lot of it is really high quality art so people are spending more time on their pieces to create better pieces," said art student Sydney Sims. “I really like participating in the art show, but when it comes down to deadlines, I’m staying after school every day and finishing everything."

“It feels like last minute all the time,” said art student Tucker McDonald. “I worked on stuff a lot longer than I did last year.”

Sims said her love for art started at a young age.

“When I was little, I drew all the time. My mom always said I was drawing full-blown people when I was 3," Sims said. "I remember in fourth grade, my cousins and I would go dig in the mud and make stuff out of that. Then when I got to high school I was really excited, because we didn’t have art in middle school.”

McDonald said his love for art was inspired by watching television.

Around middle school, I watched cartoons and stuff and I wanted to do that,” said McDonald. “Once I got into high school, I was like, ‘Hey, I should probably take some art classes and learn how to draw.'”

Two pieces were selected as the best of show. Ruby Gomez won the 2D best of show, while Emily Keiffer won best of show for 3D. Neither of the winners were at the show to receive their trophy.