The benefits of being bilingual and learning a second language have been studied and shown to improve cognitive function and improved academic success.

Learning a second language has been shown to increase empathy, awareness and a positive attitude toward the native speakers of the language being learned.

With your library card you will have free access to Rosetta Stone, one of the most popular language learning programs that uses immersion style learning.

Choose from 30 languages:

•Arabic; Chinese (Mandarin); Dari; Dutch; English (American); English (British); Filipino (Tagalog); French; German; Greek.

•Hebrew; Hindi; Indonesian; Irish; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Latin; Pashto; Persian (Farsi).

•Polish; Portuguese (Brazil); Russian; Spanish (Latin America); Spanish (Spain); Swahili; Swedish; Turkish; Urdu; Vietnamese.

Marie Heath is the Crestview Public Library's director.