CRESTVIEW — The buzz of a championship still lingers in Crestview.

The Bulldog’s basketball team celebrated its Class 7A state championship Wednesday evening with some of its biggest supporters. Friends, family and fans gathered at Jack Foster Stadium to honor the team.

“We’re very proud of the Crestview basketball team,” said Carolyn Brigante, who was especially proud of her nephew, Chase Moulton, who plays on the team.

The school honored not only the team, but the people who rallied behind it all season long.

“This is an unbelievable time in our school,” Crestview High School Principal Dexter Day said. The support "really means a lot to us and we really appreciate it.

“You look around school, everyone’s smiling. You look around town, everyone’s smiling,” Day added.

Students at the school took notice of how the community supported the team during its playoff games.

“I loved seeing the support and how everyone came to see the games and cheered them on with us,” Crestview cheerleader Maggie Roller said.

School members were not the only ones who noticed the town’s willingness to root on the boys.

“With this team going to state, there was a buzz everywhere I went,” former mayor David Cadle said. “Thank you Crestview High School for what you mean to the city. Onward and upward.”

Cadle said the city is working on new signs that will mention this year’s state championship team. The city is working with the Florida Department of Transportation to determine where the signs can be placed.

Okaloosa County School District Superintendent Marcus Chambers also attended Wednesday's celebration.

”What made me so proud was not only was Crestview High School behind these guys, not only was the city of Crestview behind these guys, but Okaloosa County as a whole was behind you,” Chambers told the players.

He mentioned the Fort Walton Beach baseball team, a Choctaw basketball player and members of Niceville High School, who all congratulated the basketball team on its success.

“For me, the way that this county came together and supported you all is absolutely fantastic,” Chambers said.

Head Coach Greg Watson said the support the team received and continues to receive is a major part of the victory.

“Everywhere I go people are telling me congratulations,” Watson said. “It’s humbling to see the support the community has for us. We’ll always remember this and they’ll always remember this.

“We talk about the ‘one town, one team’ stuff and that’s real here,” he added. “That’s special.”