CRESTVIEW — Courtney Davis’ love for plants started as a child. Now, it continues with his family’s new plant nursery, Davis Horticulture Group LLC.

Courtney’s childhood chore was pulling weeds and watering plants in the family garden. After moving to Florida a few years ago, he decided his family should grow their own vegetables. Then he convinced his wife, Terra, to start a plant nursery.

“I think for me it was getting that renewed love for just caring for plants. It just all came rushing back,” Courtney said. “It went from vegetables to flowers, basically. One thing led to another. I started amassing a bunch of plants and did research and we decided to take the dive.”

“I have one year left in my Bachelor of Science in small business management,” Terra added. “We hadn’t quite decided how we were going to execute his expertise with flowers and plants and my business degree. We just decided that this is what we were going to do.”

Terra didn’t think her husband was up for the challenge at first, but Courtney proved otherwise.

“He spends a lot of time doing it,” she said. “I thought that he had bitten off a little more than he can chew, but it works for him. He does a great job.”

The business allows Courtney and Terra to use their expertise.

“Between her business management and sales experience and my love for plants, I think it’s kind of a winning team,” Courtney said.

The business was formed in January and is still in the pre-selling phase. The first official sale will be April 7.

They will sell many different flowers, trees and flowering shrubs that one might not normally find. The plants include flowering cherries, flowering almonds and asiatic lilies.

“A lot of the things I focus on are outside of the norm of what you would find in the market,” Courtney said. “I pride myself on that stuff that’s a little bit on the margins, a little bit exotic and a little bit outside the norm.”

Courtney said that trying to find what consumers want but can’t find is something he’s finding the family business’ place in.

“I find it really satisfying that we kind of have a niche where we can find our place,” he said.

The nursery’s sales are all currently focused online.

“Right now Facebook is our avenue, but we’re working on a website,” Courtney said.

The nursery is planted and maintained at the Davis’ home. The business may be small, but the family believes that sets them apart from other nurseries.

“They (the customers) like that personal touch,” Courtney said. “They like being able to talk to you personally.”