CRESTVIEW — Outgoing Mayor David Cadle smiled after administering the oath of office to one new and two returning police officers last week, noting that they marked the last three swearings-in of his 12-year administration.

"This is one of the things I most looked forward to. It’s been great. It’s been really, really great," Cadle told friends, family and fellow officers in Crestview Police Chief Jamie Grant’s office.

Among the returning officers was Richard Bagushinski, who had served as a rookie officer for several months in 2017 after he separated from the Air Force.

"I was asked to return and I said I’d be happy to," Bagushinski said. "This is a great force to work for. Being a resident of Crestview, I really wanted to be a member of the Police Department and support my town."

Officer Andrew Richards previously served as a Crestview police officer in 2010-11 before leaving to work for another agency. An attempt at a career change didn’t work out, he said.

"I tried to get out of law enforcement altogether, but I realized the only thing I was good at was police work, so I thought, ‘Why not go back to where I started?’ "  Richards said.

Officer William Johns II transitioned from corrections to local law enforcement after hearing "good things from the guys on the street about the Crestview Police Department," he said. "I applied and I got the job. I’m looking forward to getting to work."

Cadle said he would miss his near daily interactions with the department.

"I love this department," Cadle told the assembled officers. "I love how you persevere. I wish you the very best of luck."