Why did you decide to run for mayor of Crestview?

The same reason I ran for City Council four years ago; I felt that with my background in the military, followed by a second career in teaching, that I had something to offer to the citizens of Crestview. 

How do you think your time as a city councilman will help you transition into the role of mayor?

My time as a City Councilman will serve me in an invaluable manner. I know the legislative process, the budget process, the workings of all the departments, etc. That gives me a great background in dealing with any issues that I may have to address. 

What are some of your goals as you step into this new role?

I want to see Crestview move forward with our new form of government in a more efficient manner. Doing so will help us become more responsive to the needs of our citizens and the businesses that we currently have and those that we would like to attract to our city. Although items such as road improvements and increased recreation resources do not fall under my purview, my experience in these areas can aid others on our team in achieving these goals. 

How will you achieve these goals?

With my current bond with the City Council and the bond that that is being created between me and the new City Manager, I believe we can work together as a team, instead of independent entities. The strategic planning that will occur in the next month will aid us greatly in achieving our goals. 

What are you most looking forward to as Crestview’s new mayor?

I’m excited about communicating to everyone that I see the many changes in our government [new charter, new City Manager, new Mayor, and new Councilman] will lead to a “New View for Crestview."