Edwins Elementary School hosted its Lunch with Dads late in January.

“The turnout exceeded our expectations,” said staff secretary Jeannette Grimes. “Over 100 dads, grandfathers, uncles and even a few grandmothers and mothers came to school to have lunch with their students."

The event included books available for students to read with their families, and the lunch served as a good way to start Literacy Week.


South Walton High School speech and debate students toured Yale University in Hartford, Connecticut, where they participated in Yale Day, attended master lectures with professors, toured the campus and learned about the student extracurricular organizations.

Those making the trip included teacher Forrest Williams and students Jielle Paul, Nasim Razavi, Matt Garrett, Kate Dargavell, Greg Garrett, Brendan McManus, Hughes Harrington, Nick Reid and McKenzie Williams.


Before the winter break, Edge Elementary School students participated in a county-wide Christmas Cards for Heroes project, with the students creating 464 cards that were sent to deployed troops.

Students Violet Smith and Rod Booker had cards selected out of 5,000 for their creativity, with both receiving a $25 gift card donated by the Kiwanis Club.


Three Pryor Middle School students earned medals during January’s Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical and Poster Competition: Gabriella Jimenez, Skye Long and Angelique Patterson.


Amy Anderson’s Eglin Elementary School first-graders simulated an arcade game by playing Whack a Word with their spelling list. Each student had a mat with letters. As a spelling word pops up on a screen, the students say the word and then whack each letter with a foam mallet as they spell the words.

At the end of each game, they yell “this is one whacky class.”


Elliott Point Elementary School would like to thank businesses and organizations that support the school. They include Bounce Party Playzone, Whataburger, Dodge’s Chicken Store, Fudpuckers, Publix, St. Simon’s Episcopal Church and the Fort Walton Beach Woman’s Club.

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