CRESTVIEW — Every day there seems to be one or more tragic events of mass destruction where an individual or crowds of people lose their lives. It happens everywhere, in a public park, on the street, inside a mall, or simply in the confines of a schoolroom.

So it’s no wonder that many seniors who have a healthier respect for their environment are less prone to take a walk in the park, visit the mall, attend an open-air concert, or spend much time outdoors at all. But it’s not just seniors who are affected. Shut-ins and special-needs individuals who have caregivers enjoy less fresh air and sunshine because their overseers find it more worrisome than just staying indoors where they feel less threatened.

For these individuals and groups, Eden of Crestview’s Assisted Living and Memory Care Community is a wonderful relief. The Center is located in the metropolitan area of Crestview where handsome, painstakingly manicured and securely fashioned grounds far outweigh the public parks that are not always safe.

The freedom from physical worries often enhance the enjoyment that residents of Eden derive from even the simplest activities like taking a stroll outdoors, joining a group’s social session amid the flower garden, or simply relaxing and enjoying the aura of the courtyard scene where he or she can engage with nature.

There are many other reasons why residents at Eden of Crestview’s Assisted Living and Memory Care Community often fare better there than at home. Seniors or other special-needs individuals are more often targeted for emotional extortion because they either live alone or are less likely to have immediate recourse. Utility company impostors often show up in pairs, and while one has the attention of the homeowner, the other one is rifling any valuables they can find. Another scam that faces the homeowner comes in the form of a fake Internal Revenue agent who appears at the door demanding cash — or else!

While phone scams are not completely able to be controlled at Eden, every effort is made by law enforcement to make the resident aware by sponsoring programs that expose them. Those physical confrontations are eliminated, though, because a trained and dedicated staff at Eden is in control.

"Eden at Crestview’s Assisted Living and Memory Control community is one of the safest and most desirable living facilities anywhere in the area today," said Alan Woods, who serves as Chief Operating Officer for the Center taking shape on Redstone Avenue in Crestview. He will be happy to discuss accommodating individuals or groups to other aspects of living in a surrounding that they can be proud to call home!

Call Alan at 850-417-0103 for more information.