CRESTVIEW — The following Crestview shelters open at 6 p.m. and close at 7 a.m. when temperatures are 40 degrees or below.

Sunday: Lifepoint Church, 400 Ferdon Blvd. S, 682-3518.

Monday: Helping Hands house, 428 McLaughlin Ave., 398-5670. Hosted by Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Community of Christ, 398 First Ave. W., 682-7474. Hosted by Joy Fellowship.

Thursday: Helping Hands house, hosted by Woodlawn Baptist Church, 398-5670.

Friday: The Full Gospel Restoration Full Gospel Church, 383 Texas Parkway, 682-6029.

Saturday: Helping Hands house, hosted by First United Methodist Church, 398-5670.