CRESTVIEW — Michael D. Frabott, a local wood artist and craftsman, is having another show of his work in November and December at the Crestview Public Library.

"I have a lot of wood-turned objects that spread the whole gamut: kitchen stuff, decorations for the house, a lot of Christmas items," Frabott said.

Frabott's interest in woodworking comes from his dad, he said, when he was young. He studied industrial arts in college, learning drafting and how to make furniture from conception through the completed object.

After college, he taught those skills to various college and high school students, 13 of those years taking place at Crestview High School.

Frabott's current projects have purpose. 

"Everything's pretty practical," he said. "It's useful. I do a lot of jewelry holders, key racks, mug holders — wood-turned stuff on a wood lathe."

Some of his completed works include a brightly painted, Christmas tree-shaped K-cup holder, a ring holder, and wooden and glass candy dishes.

"People are welcome to come up and see what I have on display there. That's only part of the stuff I have available," he said.

"I've got so much stuff around the house, my wife's trying to shove me out," he said, laughing.