CRESTVIEW — The Crestview Redevelopment Agency and Courthouse Suites, LLC have entered into a partnership contract.

The contract allows the CRA to use three office spaces on the ground floor of the building rent free for the next five years.

According to CRA Director Alisa Burleson, the agency will have full authority on how the rental spaces are utilized.

The three offices will be used as the CRA director's office, a classroom for a new CRA Entrepreneurial Program, and an office for the Main Street director, Burleson said.

Courthouse Suites, in the redevelopment area, will receive a $100,000 subsidy from the CRA to go towards offsetting part of the building costs.

According to the meeting agenda, the funds are not expected to be paid until the Courthouse Suites project is completed, and CRA has moved into the office spaces.

The money will come from the "Grant Matching Funding, Leasing and Partnerships" portion of the CRA budget.

Burleson said this portion of the budget currently has $134,000.

Once Courthouse Suites receives the $100,000, the remaining $34,000 will go to the Main Street Association partnership, Burleson said.

The lease agreement was drafted and reviewed by the CRA attorney Carol Leone.

Commissioner Shannon Hayes said an additional attorney should review the lease.

However, Commissioner Nathan Boyles said that Leone represented the board well in the partnership with Courthouse Suites.

"What I can say in my unbiased opinion having set up here, I believe this board has a quality attorney," Boyles said. "...Certainly from my position, I'm confident in the product she prepared for you. That's what you pay her for."

Alex Barthe, owner of Courthouse Suites, purchased the property in February.

The former historic lodge will be converted into office and retail space. The project is expected to be completed by June 1, 2019.

Courthouse Suites is located next to the new Okaloosa County Courthouse in Downtown Crestview.