CRESTVIEW — Seldom is there an opportunity for area seniors, special-needs individuals, and weary caregivers to improve or upgrade a significant change to their condition.

But not anymore!

Eden at Crestview, an assisted living and memory care community, is now in advanced construction with occupancy beginning early next year. Eden at Crestview, Florida an assisted living and memory care community has been carefully designed for residents just as these for their comfort and convenience.

Moving can be a major consequence for anyone, but completing a move to Eden is not so worrisome. Arrangements have been put in place to make the move from home to Eden a smooth and seamless undertaking.

"Transition is a concern for both the family and the residents," Alan Woods, Eden of Crestview’s executive director, said.

But he says that once it takes place, both the family and residents typically see a dramatic change for the better.

"The resident has a new life, finds joy in living, and looks forward to the days ahead," he said.

The resident has been living at home and now must move to an unknown place so that in and of itself is a cause for concern. The benefits typically outweigh the scary move to a new environment.

There are many options offered at Ede of Crestview which serve to ease the move. Freedom of movement, choice of activities and supported independence open a whole new world for residents.

But Eden of Crestview is not a nursing home. It is an assisted living and memory care community, which furnishes an environment and stimulating activities that give its residents far more choices in lifestyles and wide ranging opportunities — socialization for instance.

Many times Mom or Dad, or both become isolated from the outside world.  Residents cannot or do not drive. Family is usually busy with life and cannot make it over often. Resulting isolation causes many issues, both mental and physical.

Residents at Eden will be around and with others that they can relate to and socialize with at all times.

Safety is paramount and is a factor which residents enjoy both day in and day out, with help available whenever it  is needed. Assistance with medication and the availability of well-0rounded, nutritious meals are available as well. Restaurant style dining is means that not only is it a convenience, it means that all the shopping and cooking are done for the resident tool.

And spiritually? Residents may not be able to attend church, so there are several denominations that will come to Eden.

With advantages such as these, Eden is far above nursing home status.

Now there is a choice! You can choose to stay at an assisted living community. The Eden community will be home and homelike…not the clinical, sterile facility of a nursing home. You come and go as you please. 

Eden of Crestview is located at 575 Redstone Avenue. And with a prestigious, high-profile address in the heart of Crestview, its location is a favorable one where residents can enjoy a maintenance-free, care-free, and enjoyable life-style.

Reservations are now being taken for occupancy early new year.  Contact Executive Director Alan Woods at 850-417-0103 or by e-mail at