CRESTVIEW — The city of Crestview continues the discussion about regulating mobile vendors with an ordinance, an issue that dates back to 2013.

Growth Management Director Teresa Gaillard presented a first draft of the itinerant vendors ordinance, new article 24, to the city council at a workshop meeting Monday.

Mobile vending as defined by the city is "the selling of any product out of any self-propelled or non-self-propelled vehicle including carts, trucks, trailers and movable stands and kiosks."

The council took the opportunity to discuss their concerns with Gaillard.

Mobile vendors applicants would be required to go through a background check conducted by the chief of police, according to Gaillard.

Council President J.B. Whitten said he didn't see reason why the city should deny a business with an owner who has a previous criminal background dating back more than five years.

"You can't hang somebody for something that they did as a teenager," J.B. Whitten said.

Councilman Doug Faircloth continued with an issue he had in 2016 — out-of-town car dealers.

He said he has received complaints of business being taken away from local dealerships.

“There’s too much money involved and we’re not protecting our local dealers,” Faircloth said.

Council members also agreed to add more precise language concerning citations and consequences for violating the ordinance.

"You can't have a guard dog that doesn't bite," Faircloth said.

"I think we should have a written penalty in there," Council Vice President Bill Cox said.

Permits will be issued by the building and permit department.

The city's code enforcement officer will be in charge of engaging with mobile vendors who are in violation.

"We're growing way too fast and there’s a lot of people … it's just time to get some control of it, lay some ground rules," Gaillard said.