BAKER — For Halloween fans, corn mazes are often a favorite pastime since most maze owners add a spooky touch to them.

Hallows Hill Amusement offers a variety of options for those looking for a good, old-fashioned scare.

At sunset, paid actors dressed as zombies, clowns and other scary characters prepare to take their places at the haunted trail and haunted hayrides.

Bill Barnhill, the owner, spoke about the history behind the theme of the haunted trail, which involved the Old Spanish Trail—better known as U.S. Highway 90.

"The Old Spanish Trail ran right through here," Barnhill said pointing at the haunted trail location.

According to Barnhill, the legend says that a battle took place here between conquistadors, settlers and Indians.

But, here is the kicker to this story.

"The Indians as it turns out were zombies," Barnhill said.

Thus came the haunted trail's theme — "Nightmare on the Old Spanish Trail."

However, have no fear. Barnhill said they have the antidote for zombie bites, which is sold in the gift shop in the form of pepper sauce.

And, attendees shouldn't think that because they came last year, the trail will not be as scary. Barnhill said they change up the trail every year.

Although there is no restriction on age for the trail, Barnhill asks that parents use parental discretion.

Hallows Hill began with just a corn maze in 2011. Barnhill started the haunted trail in 2012.

"It's interesting to do, and a unique thing that gives a lot of people the opportunity to act out and show their skills," Barnhill said. "We also make a little money on it."

The Baker Corn Maze takes on a theme every year. This year's corn maze theme fits the agricultural community of Baker — a tractor.

Barnhill likes to describe the maze as "cornfusing," pun definitely intended.

Although the haunted trail and corn maze are the main attractions for Hallows Hill, there are also kid-friendly options open throughout the day.

Attendees can test their marksmanship skills by firing ears of corn through a corn cannon that sounds like an elephant trumpeting.

For those pumpkin-spice-everything people, Hallows Hill Amusement also has a small pumpkin patch for those looking to have a quick fall photo shoot.

The haunted trail and hay rides are open on Friday and Saturday nights.

The corn maze is open throughout the daytime on Saturday and Sunday with a flashlight corn maze available Friday and Saturday nights.

For more information about Hallows Hill Amusement, visit their website