CRESTVIEW ― Was a $3.85 ice cream bar worth the trouble? Apparently so, according to a Crestview Police Department arrest report.

In an incident that happened late last month, a CPD officer was called to the Dollar General on Raspberry Road to check out a report of a petty theft. The manager said a woman with red hair, a hat and a floral-print blouse came into the store, ate an ice cream bar from the freezer while walking the aisles, then left the store to look for a vehicle that was supposed to pick her up, she said. The manager saw the woman leaving the property and went outside to demand she pay for the ice cream bar. The woman said “No” and took off running when the manager said she was calling the police.

Surveillance video confirmed the manager’s account.

The officer found a woman behind a nearby Mobil gas station. The woman had a shaved head of brown hair, which of course did not match the description. She had turned her blouse inside-out, and in her purse the officer found a red wig.

The officer asked if her name was “Natalie” and she said “No,” but when the officer asked again, the woman admitted it was. As the officer tried to detain her, she pulled away.

The manager positively ID’d the woman as the ice cream thief.

She was charged with petty theft, obstruction by a disguised person and resisting arrest without violence. Her court date is Oct. 17.