LAUREL HILL — Using the services of Dewberry, the Laurel Hill city council will map out their already existing water system. The contract between Dewberry and the city states this service will cost the city $20,000.

Last month, the city was awarded a Technical Assistance Grant for $20,000 for the purpose of contracting out a company to map out the current water system.

The city council is looking to have all of the existing water system put into a geographic information system file to "expand the system."

"It's a pretty simple process to update those maps," Crystal Weatherington, a Dewberry employee, said at the Oct. 4 regular meeting. "You guys will basically have a living document — living file — that you're able to update as changes occur in your water system."

Without any discussion from the council or the public, council members voted unanimously to approve signing a contract between Mayor Robby Adams and Dewberry.

The contract states that Dewberry will perform two services for the city: surveying and deliverables.

Dewberry will spend time locating and mapping the Laurel Hill water system and provide two sets of completed maps, according to the contract provided in the agenda.

Across the U.S., Dewberry provides many services like engineering, consulting, and architectural services.