BAKER — Family, friends, and colleagues gathered in the Baker Community Center on Monday, Sep. 17 for the former Senator Greg Evers' sign unveiling ceremony. Over 50 attended.

John Robert Evers, the senator's father, said this was an emotional day for him.

"You know, Greg loved Northwest Florida. That was home to him, and he loved Baker," John Robert Evers said. "He loved the people of Baker."

John Robert had no complaints about his son, stating multiple times that he was always a "good kid."

Although he was happy to see his son honored in this way, John Robert said if the senator were here, he wouldn't want this kind of attention.

"If he could say anything now, he'd tell Jerry and them, 'Surely y'all didn't have to do that for me,'" John said.

Senator Evers' daughter, Jennifer Evers Wallace, also said this day brought many emotions.

"We obviously appreciate everything that daddy did for us and our family, family friends, everyone around us, but to see other individuals appreciate that and take recognition in that is very special," Wallace said.

Many elected officials were among the ceremony crowd.

"No less than five places in the Bible, the Lord tells us never withhold good from others who deserve it ... well, Greg deserved it," District 1 Okaloosa County Commission Chairman Graham Fountain said.

Chris Dawson, Evers' nephew, spoke on behalf of the family at the ceremony.

"Many have talked on what a legacy in public service that Uncle Greg had, and we certainly agree," Dawson said. "We're proud of that. The most precious word on that sign to us is Greg."

The sign will be placed at both ends of SR 4 between Munson Highway and State Road 189 in Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties to designate that portion “Senator Greg Evers Memorial Highway.”

The Northwest Florida Legislative Delegation hosted the ceremony.