CRESTVIEW — Hold on tight because a new entertainment center is coming to Crestview with one unique quality—mechanical bull rides.

Jeff Gainey, life-long Crestview resident and retiree, has been wanting to open a family-friendly entertainment center for about 15 years, but it wasn't until two years ago that his dreams became a reality.

Jeff and his wife, Tina, gathered ideas for games and researched different locations with a decent amount of traffic. They found a building they were comfortable with, but hope to eventually expand into a larger building where they can get more mechanical bulls to keep people from waiting in lines.

Opening a family oriented entertainment center is largely a Gainey family effort. Jeff and Tina Gainey's two sons will be working there full time along with their daughter-in-law.

Ride Hard NWFL will have multiple forms of entertainment including mechanical bull riding for adults and children, performance games like bean bag toss and skee-ball, bounce houses, and a small arcade.

Along with the 40 to 60 games, Jeff said they will also be hosting gaming events and contests for cash prizes like an annual mechanical bull riding competitions for up to $2,500.

Jeff said the goal was to create something centered around fun for families of all ages in Crestview, something Jeff believes is lacking.

"Other children that are around, they have nothing to do, no where to go to expel their energy," Jeff said. "...We want the kids to have a variety of things to do not just one thing in particular."

Tina said she looks forward to bringing a variety of entertainment to families in Crestview

"I'm excited that we're finally able to do something for our community," Tina said. "It's been a long-term dream for my husband and myself."

Jeffery Gainey, 17, said he looked forward to opening the business and hopes to use his knowledge of the younger culture to help bring in more traffic. He also helped his parents with the logo design.

"My dream is to make my parent's dreams come true because they've done everything for me," Jeffery said.

Ride Hard NWFL is expected to be open by Nov. 1 and is located in the Northview Plaza on North Ferdon Blvd next door to Pizza Hut.urrently, Ride Hard NWFL is accepting applications for entertainment specialists , which can be found at