CRESTVIEW — The federal government offers a variety of ways to receive funding for public transportation, and the Crestview city council is looking to take part in that funding.

At the regular city council meeting on Sep. 10, Growth Managment Director Teresa Gaillard presented the Title VI and Non-Discrimination Policy and Plan including Limited English Proficiency Plan to the council members.

The plan would be adopted by form of a resolution which states, "For the City of Crestview to continue receiving and utilizing state and federal grant funds it is necessary to adopt the Title VI and Nondiscrimination Policy and Plan including Limited English Proficiency (LEP)." The resolution is likely to be voted on at the October meeting.

According to the policy statement on the agenda, because the city receives federal funds, they are required to adhere to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in attempt to prevent any kind of discrimination of both government employees and those partaking in government services.

The policy statements also said, "As a recipient of federal funds, as well as being a Florida Department of Transportation fund recipient, the City will ensure that its programs, policies and activities comply with all federal and FDOT Title VI Regulations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and other applicable regulations."

The Title VI program adopted by the city will be subject to review every 3 years.

Gaillard said the purpose of adopting this plan is for the city to remain more independent from Okaloosa County.

"This will put us where we can stand on our own feet," Gaillard said.

Also included in the city's Title VI plan is the Limited English Proficiency plan. LEP individuals are those who don't speak English as their first language or are not proficient in writing, reading, or understanding English. The LEP plan is to see that these individuals have equal access to city programs and services.

The LEP plan is based off information about those who speak English from the census. If adopted by the council, the plan would be based off the 2020 census.

"We may be surprised by the increase," Gaillard said.

According to Gaillard, the Title VI plan will have a "coordinator." At the moment, Gaillard said there is only one person who would be qualified, and he has completed half of the required classes.