CRESTVIEW — Citizens of Crestview can voice their opinion about a possible new assisted living facility coming to Crestview at the next city council meeting in September.

The city will hold a second public hearing about a Community Development Block Grant, or CDBG, the facility developers need.

One of the six property owners, Fredrick Barrow, said at last week’s city council meeting they need the grant for road work. They want the city to extend Patriot Lane to connect to Brookmeade Drive, which runs behind the hospital. Barrow said the goal is easier access to the hospital.

Barrow, a former Crestview resident, said they are in a sense donating the property to the city.

“The city of Crestview working with us on this is definitely to their benefit, and it’s for the good of all of Crestview because Crestview is really fast growing,” Barrow said.

Currently, Crestview has three assisted living facilities and the Eden at Crestview coming in 2019, which will be the largest assisted living facility in Crestview with room for up to 70 residents.

“Right there around the hospital area, that’s it, a 30-bed facility … nothing in a resort style like we’re wanting to build and Eden’s wanting to build,” Barrow said.

The federal funds from a CDBG in the economic development category are given based on how many jobs developers create. The city will be required to pay back the funds to the state if the facility does not create the number of jobs listed on the application. If the application is approved, the city will require the owners to sign an agreement that will hold them responsible for jobs not created in order to keep the city from having to pay back the funds.

If the grant is approved, the city would be responsible for contracting out construction for the road work.

In the economic development category, the city can apply for up to $1.5 million.

Barrow said at the Aug. 13 city council meeting that he built an assisted living facility in Jay. He told the council that the Crestview facility would be similar.

“We have a lot of contacts there. We have a lot of doctors that know we’re building there and excited about us coming there,” Barrow said. “I think the thing is going to be full before we ever open the doors.”

The facility in Jay, called The Terrace at Ivey Acres, is licensed for 70 beds and 30 full-time employees.

The Crestview city council held the first public hearing for the grant on Aug. 13 and unanimously approved the development of the application with Councilman Shannon Hayes absent.

The second public hearing is expected Sept. 10 at city hall.