BAKER – A 28-year-old man was arrested on two felony counts after he allegedly choked and kicked his child’s mother while trapping her in a bedroom.

The argument began on Aug. 3 when the man took the woman into the bedroom and told the victim she was not allowed to leave the house, according to an arrest report from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim tried to leave the bedroom and the man forcibly pushed her back in and said she was not leaving, the report said.

The man grabbed his child’s mother by the throat, restricting her airway. He then pushed the victim onto the floor and put his foot on the victim’s neck, again restricting her breathing. He also kicked her multiple times on her right side.

The man wouldn’t let the woman leave the room for approximately 30 minutes until the man’s mother entered the room to render aide.

The victim had abrasions on her left cheek and around her neck, as well as redness from the man’s foot across her neck. The victim also had a bruise on the back of her arm, a scratch along the top of her back and redness on her right side.

The man said during a custodial interview that he only pushed the victim one time and said she grabbed his testicles. He admitted they were in an argument, but could not explain the victim’s injuries.

The man was charged with one third degree felony count of domestic battery by strangulation, another third degree felony county of kidnap/false imprisonment of an adult and a first degree misdemeanor for violent injury, unlawful threatening words or act of violence.