CRESTVIEW — Twenty-five years after allegedly abusing a young girl, a 61-year-old Crestview man is in custody.

Bobby Jelks Wilson, who works in civil service on a local military installation, was arrested Aug. 16 on one charge of felony sexual assault by a custodian older than the age of 18.

Wilson would have been in his 30s when the abuse started. The little girl was 10 and the abuse continued daily for three years, according to Wilson's arrest report.

He threatened her into silence by saying that if she told anyone, he would send her to live with someone whose name was redacted from the report. That person was "physically and emotionally abusive," the report said.

The abuse stopped in 1996 when he remarried, according to the report.

When the victim reached adulthood, she disclosed the abuse to one other person and a counselor, both of whom provided written statements. It is not clear when she disclosed the abuse.

When Wilson was taken into custody, he declined to provide a statement and invoked his right to legal counsel.