St. Mary Catholic School teachers worked on professional development this summer by attending the Nuts and Bolts conference in Destin. They also attended the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference and the Classical Liberal Arts Conference, both held in Washington, D.C.

Students from St. Mary attended a robotics camp during the summer; they designed, built and programed EV3 robots to battle each other in a sumo wrestling match.


Two Walton Academy students “discovered cooking as their passion and have used that to motivate them in education,” said Principal David Schmidt.

Late in May, Lucy Lopez and Donnell Reed benefited from the Emeril Lagasse Foundation's Food For Thought program. They learned basic cooking skills in a kitchen equipped for a safe learning environment.


Rocky Bayou Christian School teachers Brian and Carla Alldredge this summer explored possible field trips for the students. They looked into Yellowstone Park, Mount Rushmore and Devil’s Tower and Glendive, Montana, which is known for dinosaur fossils.


Because back to school can mean back to germs, Sacred Heart Medical Group’s pediatrician, Dr. Stephen Boulduc, provides tips for staying healthy.

First on the list is hand washing, a good practice for everyone. Also on the list: don’t skip shots, visit the doctor for a health check-up, maintain a good sleep schedule and eat healthy, balanced meals.


A family friend asked me to accompany her and her kindergartner to school orientation; I saw this as a chance to see what has changed in education since I no longer have children in school.

Some things have changed, and some remain the same. Orientation was presented through a PowerPoint presentation, and the teacher explained the phone app that parents can use to keep up with their children.

Students still must raise their hands to speak, push in their chairs and stand in straight lines.

I mentioned to my friend that all schools smell the same. She mentioned that the security has increased. Yes, some things are the same, some things are different.

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