I consider myself a PlayStation gamer. Although I've bought some systems from Sega, Microsoft and Nintendo over the years, I always go back to Sony's consoles. I've been happy when they've done well and I've stuck with them when they've stumbled.

Since the announcement of the PlayStation 4 in February 2013, Sony has been knocking out home run after home run. The PlayStation 4 has won this console generation because it's put the gamers first.

Sony's hubris is what got them into trouble during the PlayStation 3 era, and I'm starting to get worried that with all the success they've had with the PS4 thus far that they're falling back into bad habits.

The biggest game in the world right now is "Fortnite," a battle royale in which you or you and your team are dumped on a big map and everyone fights until one person or team is left. The game is playable on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and iPhone, and the beta testing for Android phones is going on now. Players on the Xbox, Switch, PC and mobile devices can all play together online, but if you play it on a PlayStation 4, you have to play against other PlayStation 4 players.

Worse yet, if you created your "Fortnite" account on another system like I did, Sony doesn't allow you to use that account on the PlayStation, although all other platforms do.

I actually understand Sony's argument for this. If I bought something for the game on the Switch, Nintendo received a portion of that sale. Sony didn't and they don't want that item used on their console. I understand that, but it's not gamer friendly.

Like "Fortnite," Bethesda's "Elder Scrolls Legends," an online card battle game, is being designed so it can be played seamlessly on and across all systems so you could start your game on your phone and continue it on your Xbox when you got home. If Sony doesn't allow that feature on the PlayStation version of the game, Pete Hines, Bethesda's senior vice president of marketing and communication, has indicated the game might not be released on Sony's system.

Gamers, and now even some developers are demanding cross-play and cross progression among all systems. PlayStation leadership say they understand this and are looking into it. I really hope they don't let their hubris get the best of them.

Dusty Ricketts is the editor of The Destin Log and The Walton Sun newspapers and can be reached at dricketts@thedestinlog.com. You can find him to play online through his PlayStation Network ID, DustRAG316.