CRESTVIEW — A 38-year-old man was charged with battery and child abuse after battering his wife and kids and threatening them with a gun, lawmen say

The man left his house and told his wife he was going to Lowe’s. While supposedly at the store, he called his wife and told her he met his mental health doctor there. He began yelling at her over the phone, according to the Crestview Police Department.

The wife was outside smoking a cigarette when the man got home. He was still angry, grabbed her by the arm and pushed her into the house against her will. They began arguing in front of their 10-year-old son.

The woman said her husband was very intoxicated when he got home. She went out to the car to get her cell phone, and found a half-empty bottle of Tito’s vodka. She poured out the remaining alcohol and threw the bottle in the recycling bin.

The man later questioned her about the alcohol while they were standing outside with their son. He threw chips at her and their son. He then grabbed her by the neck and arm, the arrest report said.

The son tried to stop him, so the man allegedly grabbed his head and threw him into the brick wall. The man went back inside and punched a window. Their 7-year-old daughter started yelling and ran outside.

The man asked his wife where his pistol was, but she wouldn’t tell him. He chased her and both their children toward the neighbor’s house.

Officers arrived at the home and heard the sound of the slide of a semi-automatic pistol chambering a round into the barrel. The man was sitting on the back deck with the gun. Officers from Crestview’s SWAT team and the 7th Special Forces Group talked the man to the front of the home without the gun.