CRESTVIEW — A 28-year-old homeless man was charged with retail theft after stealing a drink with the intent of being arrested.

The man walked into the Tom Thumb on South Ferdon Boulevard with a bag. The store clerk told him he needed to take the bag off. He told her “(expletive deleted) you” and walked over to a sink to wash his hands.

The clerk told the man she was calling the police and to leave, but instead he walked to the back of the store and took a 32-ounce cup of soda valued at 83 cents. He told the clerk, “Since you called the cops, I’m taking this, too” before walking out of the store.

He told the clerk to call the cops and tell them that he said hi. He then told her, “D---n, you all make it hard for people who can’t make a living.”

The clerk told the Crestview Police Department that the man already had a trespass warning for the store, but the officer couldn’t find one. A witness described the man’s hair color and height and said he was “ugly.”

While the officer was taking witness statements, the man returned to the scene and was detained. He admitted to returning to the store when he believed he had a trespass warning. He said he intended on stealing so he could be arrested, because he was homeless and people on the street were harassing him.