CRESTVIEW — Crestview High School students, staff, and faculty members left summer days and entered into the new school year on Aug. 13.

For most students, the first day back consisted of finding their routine—class schedules, parking spaces, bus routes, and drop-off locations.

Principal Dexter Day and other faculty members stood in the hallways in between periods pointing out to students where their next classroom is located.

“Our goal the first day is always to get them here, get them fed and get them home,” Day said.

Day said the number of students present on the first day exceeded last year's number.

“Today, a total number of warm bodies was 2,074 … Last year wasn’t even close and it’s only going to get better,” Day said. “We’re only going to increase every year.”

Two school resource officers patrolled the halls and around the building. They are a part of the school’s safety precautions currently in place, Day said.

Along with the officers, Day said the school is reconstructing the existing 4-foot fence into a 6-foot fence. Construction of the new fence should take place in the next few weeks, Day said.

The high school also has future plans to have only one entrance to the school, Day said. Currently, they are waiting on funding for the project.

With one entrance, students and staff would be permitted to exit through the back gate that would open automatically, but it would only be for exiting, Day said. For students to reenter, they would have to come through the one entry-way.

“Hopefully, the security will be in as soon as possible … but, we’re doing the best with what we have right now,” Day said.