CRESTVIEW — The Crestview Police Department has three new police officers, promoted six, and made a seventh an investigator. Two of the new officers returned to the agency.

Former Sgt. Ray Harp is now CPD commander, filling a vacancy created when Mayor David Cadle promoted former Commander Jamie Grant to deputy chief. Former Investigators Josh Burgess and Jeff Loken received a promotion to sergeants, and former Investigator Chaise Rawles and Officers Beau Baier and Willie Butler are now corporals.

Officer Frank Van Schmidt and Sgt. Josh Grace moved into the Investigations Division, filling the positions vacated by Burgess and Harp, respectively.

"Nobody knows our community as intimately as we do," Grant said. "That’s one reason we are excited to be able to promote qualified officers from within our CPD family to positions of leadership and greater responsibility."

"To get stripes, you have to work for them, earn them and have to work hard to keep them," Grant said. "It’s not easy, but we can be proud of the people who make it to the next level. We know, respect and trust these guys."

During the ceremony, Cadle swore Officers Corey Newcomb and Ann Ruryk back into the ranks of the CPD Patrol Division, and later swore in Chris Lewis as a new officer. The three join Officers Mellie Roberts, Jonathan Sprague and Patrick Stephenson, new officers who are currently in their 10-week field training phase.

In addition to fellow officers and family members, 24 kids graduating from this summer’s Crestview Police Youth Academy also attended the Aug. 3 ceremony.

Grant said the promotions and additions to the agency are reflective of CPD’s increased morale and enthusiasm.

"We’re not looking back. We’re moving forward," Grant said. "Any of our patrol officers who meet the criteria and have the integrity, discipline, morals and work ethic displayed by Ray, Josh, Jeff, Beau, Willie, Chaise and Frank can follow their example, because when it comes to leading our CPD family, we love promoting from within."