Dear editor,

[The] recent article, "Money OK'd for Shoal River Ranch," in the Friday, July 20, 2018 edition of the Northwest Florida Daily News was most enlightening.

Only (almost) $1.3 million of Okaloosa County money for labor and equipment is proposed for getting water and sewer lines extended to the Shoal River Ranch's project. (My wife and I have been at the same residence since January 1993, when I retired from the U.S. Air Force.) 

A few years ago, the county water and sewer outfit suggested we "pay now" for the sewer connection fee — something like $4,200 — or be charged close to $6,000 at a later date — when the Kings Crossing Subdivision would be added to the county sewer system.

The Shoal River Ranch is (maybe....) going to create jobs in Okaloosa County, much like the Okaloosa County Industrial Air Park (at the Bob Sikes Airport) had been planned to do when it was created. 

The 'current' Industrial Park is in need of businesses or companies to be a valid use of county money spent in the past, where the paved road is good, but the lack of users is not so good. 

[As of] Sunday, July 23, 2018, there [were] five structures (some are looking for 'renters'...) and three for-sale signs on parcels of property. 

Does Okaloosa County need a second industrial park when the current one is not filled to capacity?

Might Chairman Fountain Graham know the answers to the following statements?

The county has had our $4,200 for several years.  Our subdivision has county water service, but no county sewer service. Is a planned project upcoming? The Shoal River Ranch is getting $1.3 million of Okaloosa County money for water and sewer service. Taxpayers need to vote on this — perhaps? Who is "...tickled to death" now? 



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