CRESTVIEW — A 25-year-old man was arrested for an active warrant after he was caught stealing from Walmart.

A Crestview police officer responded to call from Walmart’s loss prevention officers about a theft of $600 worth of merchandise.

The officer found the man and confronted him. When the officer tried to detain him with handcuffs, the man pulled away and fled through the parking lot. Two adult males tackled him and the officer was able to detain him.

The officer checked the system for the man’s name, since he didn’t have an ID, and found that he had an active warrant out of Hillsborough County for a failure to appear on theft.

While on the way to the jail, the man removed the buckle to his belt in the back seat and had his pants half way down. The officer had to call for backup, but didn’t find anything illegal on his person or in the car.