CRESTVIEW —A 51-year-old woman was arrested during a traffic stop when she gave a false name and possessed meth in a possibly stolen vehicle.

A Crestview police officer pulled over a car for a moving violation and learned the vehicle was reported stolen. The driver and the passenger were both detained based on that information.

When the officer asked for the driver’s name and date of birth, she repeatedly gave him a fake name and birth date. Her real name was eventually learned with help from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. The officer learned that her license was revoked.

A K9 unit arrived at the scene and conducted a free-air sniff of the vehicle. The K9 positively alerted, and the vehicle was searched.

Officers found a small plastic bag corner with a small amount of a crystal-like substance, which tested positive for meth.

The woman was charged with possession of a controlled substance, giving a false name while detained and driving with a suspended license.

A separate investigation was done on the stolen vehicle.