CRESTVIEW — A routine traffic stop led to the arrest of a 56-year-old woman for meth.

A Crestview police officer pulled over a woman for not wearing her seat belt. Before he approached the vehicle, he noticed a lot of movement in the front seat. He had the K9 unit on duty conduct a free-air sniff around the vehicle.

The K9 positively alerted to the back passenger side door. The driver and passenger were asked to exit and the officers searched the car.

Officers found two white powdery rocks in a pill box in the woman’s purse. The rocks tested positive for meth.

In the woman’s other purse was a syringe that contained liquid meth. The officer asked if it was her purse, and she said, “It is my (expletive) purse,” but denied owning the drugs. She said she was hiding it for the passenger.