LAUREL HILL — The City of Laurel Hill chose Jack Dorman as its temporary planning official June 7 and will re-advertise it's request for proposal for a planner due to a lack of response.

City Clerk Nita Miller said Dorman will advise people on land development code compliance on an as-needed basis.

The city is also drafting ordinances to increase water and fire facility fees. "Once we are finished we will advertise and let the public know water rates will be increasing. We haven't had a water rate increase sine 2008, and the fire facilities fee has not been increased since 2011," Miller said. The current rates no longer completely fund city water and fire services. 

Laurel Hill may also have a contractor to make upgrades to the Gene Clary Park. They received a $50,000 state grant for the upgrades.

Finally, Laurel Hill received a water line grant from the Northwest Florida Water Management District to connect a water line on Millside Road with State Road 85. The city is waiting to hear from Okaloosa County before the connection, as the county wants to straighten and pave Millside so the water line will no longer be on private property.