When you think of librarians, do you conjure up cranky old ladies shushing you from behind a desk? Luckily, you will not find that at the Crestview Public Library!

The librarians there strive to do so much more than what is required of their daily jobs.

In fact, they are teachers, writers, poets, artists, problem solvers, event planners and coordinators of fun! They provide community / social relations and tech advising. They are proctoring partners for area colleges, school liaisons, storytellers and actors. They are more than happy to assist you in finding a particular book, or placing a request for an item that the library does not have on hand. They always greet you with a smile, say hello and wish you well.

Last, but not least, when you visit the Crestview Library you will find friends in these fascinating women.

When an up and coming Crestview photographer, Jessie Williams, graciously volunteered her time and services to treat the librarians to a fun photo shoot, some were more than happy to participate.

Jessie’s passion is searching for subjects that she can turn into works of art. She enjoys capturing the magic of the moment from behind the lens of her camera. We were very pleased to see she was able to do justice to every photo.

She effortlessly found each librarian’s inner charm. In doing so — and to our delight — she revealed an irresistible children’s librarian playing in the rain, and a captivating superhero reference librarian.

Additionally she discovered a glamorous and romantic art coordinator, a spellbinding book enchantress, a sassy motorcyclist, a volunteer hypnotic book charmer and a winsome library director.

For more information on Jessie or to arrange your own fantasy photo shoot, you can visit her @Abraphotodabra Facebook page. You can also reach her by email at Jessie@abraphotodabra.com, or by phone at 850-259-4633. 

Holly Jacobs is the former art director at the Crestview Public Library.