CRESTVIEW — Police are investigating after a 7-year-old girl was allegedly sexually abused by another child in a fast food restaurant’s play area over the weekend.

A Crestview mother, who the Daily News is not naming in order to protect the identity of the victim, went to police after she said her 7-year-old daughter told her she had an encounter with a boy in a slide.

“She came up and told my sister that she had been given a coin from a boy, and that he said all she had to do was what he wanted her to do,” the mother told the Daily News. “She thought, ‘OK’ cause she’s innocent and didn’t think much of it.”

The boy then instructed the girl to enter the slide area where it was darker, the mother said, and told her to open her legs.

She said the boy then climbed on top of her and told her to keep her legs open, but the girl closed her legs. The boy then said he was done and walked away.

The mother immediately contacted the Crestview Police Department and officers began an investigation.

CPD spokesman Brian Hughes said Monday the case had been taken over by the Criminal Investigations Department, but no more information was available because the case was under active investigation.

The mother said her daughter is physically unharmed, but will have to seek counseling to deal with the incident.

“She stayed home (from school today),” the mother said. “She’s been depressed for the past two days, hasn’t been eating much and has been keeping to herself.”

The mother said she feels sad and frustrated over the incident, and is ridden with guilt.

She is also considering legal action against the fast food restaurant, and hopes the chain will modify its play area so that parents can be more watchful over their children.

She also wants other parents to talk to their kids about the dangers posed not just by adults, but by other children as well.

“I think I just wish I would have talked more to my child,” she said. “I’ve talked to her about other adults but it never came to my mind that I should be talking about other children.”