CRESTVIEW — A Gulf Breeze man was arrested after a violent attack on his girlfriend in a Crestview motel room.

According to a Crestview Police Department arrest report, on March 25 officers responded to the motel in reference to a domestic disturbance call and found the man and woman with multiple cuts and marks on their bodies. 

The woman told police she and the man had been fighting all day, and the fighting was getting worse the drunker her boyfriend got. 

She said she attempted to call 911, but her boyfriend took her cell phone and threw it across the motel room. He then threw her on the bed and began choking her to the point where she could not breathe. 

He also told her he “could not wait to kill her at this time.” 

He eventually left the room and the woman called police. 

She said it had not been the first time her boyfriend had attacked her. She said she had been hospitalized numerous times due to his abuse. 

The man was arrested and charged with felony battery by strangulation and preventing communication to a law enforcement officer.