The Navarre Garden Club offers two scholarships to Navarre residents, one specifically for a graduating Navarre High School senior and one for a college student who is a Navarre resident.

With an imminent deadline of April 7, Navarre residents can visit the club’s website at for requirements. Applicants must major in horticulture or environmental studies.


A small number of Freeport students, all who attend Freeport High School, and their six chaperones spent a short amount of time during their spring break in a snowfall.

In a non-school related, but educational trip to London, the students visited England from March 17-22, with student Monica Morgan serving as correspondent.

“Vanessa Bump took a mixed group of current and previous AP Human Geography students to apply their lessons to the world," she wrote.

“The first day we visited Piccadilly Circus, then walked over to Trafalgar Square, where a St. Patrick parade was taking place. Later we went to the British Museum. We saw Buckingham Palace; my friend Giselle enjoys informing people that the reason it’s a palace and not a castle is because it has less than a thousand rooms, 775 to be exact.

“The first day we got there, it had already snowed so there was some on the ground; later when we were wandering around the National Portrait Gallery we rushed outside because it had started up again.

“Some people say they didn’t like the food but I liked it. The first night we had traditional fish and chips, with a dessert of cinnamon waffle served a la mode. Giselle complained how there wasn’t any ranch, but eventually settled to try the vinegar.

“My friend Isabella asked me if I had to give up one memory from this trip which would I sacrifice, and I told her I honestly couldn’t choose,” Monica concluded. “I never want to forget that trip.”


Northwest Florida State College student Jennifer Smalley recently earned Good Scholar on Coca-Cola’s 2018 Academic Team and a scholarship for the fall 2018 term. 

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