CRESTVIEW — A convicted felon was arrested for carrying a shotgun that he told authorities was meant to protect him from another armed man in the neighborhood.

On March 24, police responded to the man’s McClelland Street home after neighbors said the 65-year-old man had left his home with a shotgun, pointed it at a vacant home across the street, got in his mother’s car with her and then left.

Officers with the Crestview Police Department located the man and his mother as they were driving by and stopped them, according to a report. Police found a 12-gauge shotgun wrapped in a white towel next to his leg in the car.

It was then discovered that the man was a convicted felon due to an armed robbery in Alabama in 1977.

The man acknowledged the firearm was his, and said he had it for protection from an “unknown male who carries a fully automatic .22 rifle in his neighborhood.”

The felon was arrested and charged with possession of firearm by a convicted felon and carrying a concealed firearm.