CRESTVIEW — Foxwood Country Club mysteriously closed at the end of October, with no notice apparently given to club members or residents of Crestview.

Almost four months later, the golf course shows no signs of reopening, and members are left wondering what happened.

A sign taped near the entrance reads, "Effective Close of Business 29 October 2017 Foxwood Country Club will be closed until further notice." A sign taped near the club's bar area reads, "We sincerely regret that as of October 24 we will no longer be selling alcoholic beverages. We no longer have a liquor license."

The statement continues, "New ownership is in the process of obtaining a license and the lounge should reopen in the near future."

If there are new owners, they would be the latest in a long line that was recently led by former golf pro Brandon Martin. However, the venue shows no indication of new ownership.

Okaloosa County officials said they were not aware that the club had closed and they did not require it to be maintained, according to county code.

"Maintenance is at the discretion of the property owner," Growth Management Director Elliot Kampert said.

The 2017 property taxes were paid, he said.

Next to an unkempt tennis court was a pile of debris in the parking lot. Around back, piles of trash and recyclables were left behind.

The phone line listed for the golf course is out of order and the website has been taken down.