CRESTVIEW — A man was charged with petit theft after stealing more than $100 in cash from a female coworker’s wallet while she was at work.

According to a Crestview Police Department arrest report, a server at a Crestview restaurant told authorities that when she arrived at work for her serving shift on Jan. 27, she put her black wallet in her locker and left. She said the wallet contained $140 in 20 dollar bills and $12 in two five dollar bills and two one dollar bills.

As the woman was leaving work at the end of her shift, she grabbed her wallet and noticed that all of the $140 in 20 dollar bills were missing, and only the five and one dollar bills remained. The woman and the restaurant’s owner watched surveillance video of the incident and saw a man, who they identified as their 32-year-old coworker, go into the locker and remove the cash from the wallet before putting the wallet back.

The woman said the next day, the man came back, gave the woman $100 and then left.

The woman reported the incident to authorities. The man was charged with petit theft of more than $100 and less than $300, a misdemeanor. At the time the report was filed, the man had not yet been arrested because his whereabouts were unknown.