CRESTVIEW — A 19-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly brandished a loaded gun at the indoor basketball court at Twin Hills Park.

According to an arrest report from Crestview Police Department, Malique Dejon Gainer drove to the park, cocked his Taurus Curve .380 and ejected an unused round before he approached the gymnasium.

One witness said Gainer stood in the parking lot with a gun in his hand. When he started to walk toward the building, people asked him not to come inside with the gun. Gainer then walked onto the basketball courts arguing with himself, the report said. A man grabbed Gainer and dragged him out of the building. 

Another witness said Gainer was upset over a basketball game he was playing.

After police were called, Gainer got into a white Ford Explorer and fled. An officer pursuing Gainer saw him stop at his home at 648 Long Drive. Gainer then got out of the Explorer and ran around the house into the back yard. The officer detained Gainer and discovered his gun under some brush against a fence.

Security footage from Twin Hills Park confirmed the gun was the same one the officer found at Gainer's home, the report said.

Gainer was charged with improper exhibition of a firearm, tampering withe evidence and resisting an officer without violence.