CRESTVIEW — A man was arrested after allegedly throwing a computer battery charger at his girlfriend during a drunken fight.

According to an arrest report from the Crestview Police Department, the 41-year-old Arizona man and his girlfriend were staying at a Crestview hotel on Feb. 17 when the man became extremely intoxicated. The woman told police the man became angry when she woke him up and an argument ensued. She said the man struck her in the face with his fist and threw a computer battery charger at her, which struck her in the face.

The woman had a 1-inch laceration under her left eye consistent with having been hit by a blunt object.

The man was located in the bathroom, but he refused to answer the door for authorities. Police heard splashing in the bathroom and opened the door with an ink pen. They found the man in the bathtub, intoxicated.

He told police the woman had hit him in the face and threw the battery charger at him, so he threw it back at her. Officers could find no physical evidence of the man having been struck.

The woman declined medical attention at least four different times but did fill out a domestic packet and victim notification information. The man was arrested and charged with battery/domestic violence, a misdemeanor.