CRESTVIEW — On Friday, the Florida Forest Service, city of Crestview and the University of Florida Extension Office in Okaloosa County planted a sycamore tree at Twin Hills Park in honor of Arbor Day.

The event was originally scheduled to coincide with Florida’s Arbor Day on Jan. 19, but had to be rescheduled because of cold weather. National Arbor Day is recognized in April.

The sycamore was planted near Twin Hills' future dog park, Public Services Director Wayne Steele said.

“We chose this location because the tree will get as big as these nearby oaks and provide shade for the dogs,” Steele said. “It also provides stabilization.”

There are plans to plant more sycamore trees in the future, said Maria Wilson, a Senior Forester for the State of Florida Forest Service.

Two oak trees in the park had to be removed in the past couple of years due to rough weather, she said.

“The sycamores will serve as long-term mitigation for the aging oaks,” Steele said.