CRESTVIEW — A man who was in jail for domestic violence, sexual battery and false imprisonment was arrested again for trying to contact the woman from a jail phone, later telling law enforcement officers he “did not even read” the injunction that ordered him to have no contact with her.

According to an arrest report from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, the man had been jailed for the criminal offenses against the woman and was ordered by a judge not to have any contact with her. However, on two separate occasions the man called the woman’s phone from jail. In one instance, he left a voicemail and said, “help me, please. Just help me, please. Okay. Please make this stop. Please.” In a second instance, the woman blocked the jail phone number.

Both calls were recorded and observed by a deputy.

After the man got out of jail pending his trial, he called law enforcement voluntarily from his place of work. The deputy reminded him he was not supposed to have had any contact whatsoever with the victim, to which he replied that he “did not pay attention to that, I just knew I was going to jail and when I got out to not have any contact with her, and I never had any contact with her once I got out.”

He then continued, “Oh my God, I did not even read (the injunction) until the day I got out, I did not pay attention. I did not know.”

The man was arrested and charged with violating a domestic violence injunction via telephone, a misdemeanor.