CRESTVIEW — The Tom Thumb KwikShops, with headquarters in Crestview, showed their support to children living at the Children in Crisis Neighborhood.

They donated $13,000, along with food, toys and headsets for the kids. Tom Thumb Inc. President Jay Erickson and the Tom Thumb Team presented the check to Ken Hair, CIC president and CEO.

"The Tom Thumb donation to our children is a great example of this wonderful community stepping up to ensure that all foster children have a safe, loving home. It’s tough to find the necessary funding to feed and clothe the children and sustain operations, so Tom Thumb’s support is a godsend," Hair said.

The CIC Neighborhood has an emergency shelter for children who are removed without notice from an unsafe environment; it has family foster homes for young children; and it has a teen transition home for foster children aging out of care.

Call 864-4242 or visit to learn more about Children in Crisis.