CRESTVIEW — The Crestview City Council discussed plans to rebuild the John McMahon Environmental Center at the meeting Monday night.

The center is located at the corner of Mapoles and First Avenue on Butler Circle.

The proposed plans call for rebuilding the center and preserving keepsakes inside.

“It is in sad shape ... it has asbestos issues, squirrels eating the inside," said Jeff Morgan, president of the Crestview Kiwanis Club, which proposed the plans. "We’re going to lose it if we don’t do something with the building.”

If approved, the funding will come from the city's park reserve account. The Kiwanis Club also plans to donate between $20,000 and $30,000 for playground equipment at the park.

The plans also call for installing fencing and restocking the park's fish pond. Last year, the Kiwanis Club completed a project to create walking trails at the park.

"I was fortunate enough to know Mr. McMahon,” Councilman Doug Faircloth said. “Having the park named after him pleased the family greatly and letting it deteriorate is on us.”

The council is scheduled to vote on the plans at the next council meeting in February.