What a weather rollercoaster we have been on here in the Crestview area, and in most areas of our country.

Unfortunately, as I have gotten older, the cold bothers me more. I am glad I live in Crestview and not northern Maine — brrr.

My husband, Jim, is from Minnesota, and it is apparent when you see our pajamas. I am dressed in fleece or sweats, socks and a beanie, and he is in lightweight cotton pajamas.

For some reason, I freeze when it is bedtime, so I bundle up my blankets as though I will be sleeping outside at the North Pole. Jim calls my nighttime sleeping attire my "Minnesota negligee," claiming it is all the rage in frozen Minnesota.

After I bundle up in my "negligee," I add another couple of blankets to my side of the bed and go find the cat. Once I snuggle down, I take the top blanket and drape it over my head so that only my face shows. The heater is set at a cool 70 degrees.

The cat, being a cat, jumps and weaves in and out of the covers, which means I have to keep arranging my nest. In the meantime, Jim is reading his Bible, or in some instances, soundly sleeping, unaware of my blanket issues.

I finally get to sleep, and around 3:30 a.m. the cat decides to wake me. Sometimes I can go right back to sleep but inevitably, I get up, give the cats fresh water and food and then go back to bed.

Once again, I am cold so I try to warm up with all of the above steps. There are nights when I wiggle and fuss with the blankets so much that Jim gives up and goes into the guest room so he can get some sleep.

Around 5 a.m., I finally begin to warm up. Half-awake, I decide it's too hot, so I toss off one of the mountain of blankets. About a half-hour later, I take off my socks, then I throw off another blanket, and another and by the time Jim gets up, I am down to the amount of blankets he sleeps under, and I finally feel warm, until the cat leaves.

Is it just me, or does anyone else play blanket wars all night long?

Janice Lynn Crose, a former accountant, lives in Crestview with her husband, Jim; her two rescue collies, Shane and Jasmine; and two cats, Kathryn and Prince Valiant.