CRESTVIEW — It’s not easy to become a Crestview Police officer. But for those who meet the exacting standards and pass a vigorous physical abilities test, in-depth interview and extensive background check, the rewards are plenty.

Potential Crestview PD officers can learn more details during CareerSource Okaloosa-Walton’s mini job fair, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 24 at the Crestview Public Library. The police department will have officers on hand to answer questions and provide information about how to join the Panhandle’s fourth-largest municipal police force.

The agency is accredited with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and offers a salary starting at $35,609 a year. (With experience and qualifications, salaries can begin at $37,777.)

Crestview Police officers receive monthly training and instruction, opportunities for continuing education, agency-issued equipment, a take-home patrol car, new technologies and support systems and a benefits package.

"While other agencies may lower their standards to attract officers, we’re raising ours to the highest level," Chief Tony Taylor said. "That means four out of five applicants don’t get to be Crestview Police officers.

"We’re OK with that, because we know the officers we hire are the best of the best."