CRESTVIEW — Caitlin Randle has joined the staff at the Crestview News Bulletin.

Randle, who started working at the CNB on Tuesday, served as an intern at the Miami Herald and the South Florida Sun Sentinel. She also wrote for The Beacon at Florida International University (where she graduated in 2017), and the South Florida News Service.

Randle has reported on various issues in the past three years.

"Caitlin has reported on a lawsuit related to alleged rape within a fraternity; South Florida measures to protect sea life from cigarettes; threatened coral and what's being done there; and music, among other things," CNB Editor Thomas Boni said. "She has a diverse portfolio and interned at some great publications. We're so glad to have her join the team."

"I covered community features at the Herald, including charity events, protests, marathons, etc. At the Sentinel, I covered breaking news, crime, local government and the environment," Randle said.

"One of my favorite stories was about a dance company traveling the country giving lessons to underprivileged children who otherwise wouldn't have had the chance to take lessons."

Randle said the things she enjoys most about journalism are being part of the community she writes for and serving that community.

To that end, Boni said, "I know we will see great things from her as she learns more about North Okaloosa County and its people, places and issues."

The Pensacola native has lived in New Orleans, Washington D.C. and Miami. She weight-trains five to six times a week, is vegan and likes doing yoga.

When asked if there was anything else she'd like to add, Randle said, "Contact me! I want to know what readers are concerned about and the stories that they want the Bulletin to cover."

Email or tweet @cnb_crandle.