You have heard the saying, "Everything old is new again"; well, when it comes to Hub City Barbers & Tattoo, they have that down to a fine science.

My husband first alerted me to this new barber shop when he had an appointment not long after they opened, and he was so impressed with it that I talked our 16-year-old son into allowing me to take him there for an overdue haircut. 

Apparently, there is something so unappealing about teenage boys having their haircut that we actually made the deal that the shave and haircut was his Christmas gift to me, his long-suffering mother.

I must preface the experience with this small insight; I was born and raised in South Australia and remember my Dad using a bristle brush with shaving foam and warm water, to take his daily shave. Photos of my father when he was a young boy in the 1950s show the "short back and sides" was the normal haircut for all males, regardless of age. Men took great pride in their hair and were always well groomed!

Walking into the Hub City Barbers truly feels like you are stepping back into a bygone era. The furnishings, posters, product placement and indeed the barber chairs are steeped in history, yet the whole place has a ‘now’ vibe too. 

It is obvious that the barbers take great pride in their work, and they take their time with their customers.

My son enjoyed a traditional straight-razor shave, loving the hot towels that almost sent him to sleep! I was able to sit and watch young men undergoing a transformation, leaving the shop with a definitive style and subsequent air of confidence about them.

The traditional barber products they use and sell are from London and Rotterdam. Beard oils and balms and pomades mean our guys can keep up their new looks between visits.

Anyone can cut hair — not everyone gives a cut above the rest.

Hub City Barber does. 

Barbara Dale is the Crestview News Bulletin’s receptionist. Email her at